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Agen Bola - Preliminary examinations Manchester City in the Community Shield

Posted by Angela on August 12, 2014 at 2:15 PM

Agen bola - Preliminary examinations Manchester City in the Community Shield - the Community Shield this weekend is not limited to curtain raiser for Manchester City face the new Premier League season, but also the beginning of the test problems for the Citizens who have "two squad" this season. link


As a habit that has-been, the Premier League will begin by the Community Shield match which was once called the Charity Shield. Winner of the game will be pitted against the FA Cup winners.


This season City for the championship game will be met with Arsenal at the New Wembley, Sunday (10/8) night. Community Shield trophy is indeed nothing major trophies in the appeal that will be contested 2nd team 2014/2015 season later.

But the result of this match at least be able to indicate to what extent the readiness of these two teams face the new season. Not only Arsenal that season and then just now completing their degree of fasting, but also to maintain the dominance of the ambitious City in the UK and also make improvements in European matches display.


City such as the common start since taken over from the rich part of the season then Abu Dhabi is still a strong favorite to win the Premier League trophy, above Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, and Liverpool.


Manuel Pellegrini's first season then indicates that, she has not awkward to carry his club championship in his first season soon so the manager. In the transfer market this summer is spending City is not as big compared to yesterday.


blog judi bola - Confined sanctions Financial Fair Play (FFP) from UEFA, City "only" presenting four players Willy Caballero, Bacary Sagna, Bruno Zuculini, and Fernando Reges. Even Sagna also presented for free and make the overall shopping City only 20 million pounds.


But the presence of the four players have made ​​the squad City so it is fat with a whole 29 players owned by Pellegrini, counted one among the most widely among the teams of the Premier League next season.


With 29 players overall who almost exclusively have the quality "3" to the above, the City can even make two teams that can be scaled in a manner concurrent or maybe if you want to be pitted against who is the most good.


Abundant squad against selling about 382 million pounds was definitely targeted to a clean sweep of all trophies are contested this season. If they can make it happen or maybe not, only time can answer.


But Arsenal's victory over the final few weeks later many can begin to fulfill the expectations of the public, especially the City fans who want to add a good team of the season then, time to win the Premier League and Cup match England.

Agen Judi Casino - La Pulga Following Kim Jong Un Hair Style

Posted by Angela on August 12, 2014 at 11:35 AM

Agen judi casino here. La Pulga Following Kim Jong Un Hair Style - Staring a new season that will come for sure there are so many things to be prepared, starting from the maximum stamina to mentally to be able to be the champion at the end of the coming season. In addition, the players must be concerned about the appearance was also going to pay attention to the new style is also so important in the later staring at the new season.

Lionel Messi (Wikipedia) is an example of the Barcelona star. The captain in the Argentine national team that was also seemed to pay attention to her appearance. He has cut his hair with a style that is quite interesting, it was shown in a training session on the first Barca last Thursday.

Haircut from the player itself was also so similar to the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un named. As has been reported by the some time ago, the player who has the nickname of La Pulga as it was imitating the hairstyle of the third Jong. Consequently intentions of the heart wanted to update his appearance, Messi hairstyle too crowded so it was a joke in the social media.

Online news portal which belong to South Korea that was also just compare the photo of Kim Jong Un with Lionel Messi, who has indeed been seen side by side. Not only up there alone, one nitizens was also there that has made a very unique photo edits, with the head of the body Messi Kim Jong Un who was giving a speech.

Moreover, in one of the Nitizens else has to make a small voting in order to know spends that looks much more handsome with a hairstyle like that. All it had also been carried out because they considered that the hair style of Lionel Messi was very unattractive, because Kim Jong Un is the leader of the South Korean enemy countries during this.

Agen Bola Terpercaya - Coutinho Praised By Rodgers

Posted by Angela on August 12, 2014 at 10:05 AM

Coutinho Praised By Rodgers - agen bola terpercaya. Philippe Coutinho who is one of the Liverpool players who came from Brazil to get sky-high praise from the coach Brendan Rodgers, because the game is very charming when undergoing a test match Borussia Dortmund dealing with some time ago. More news


In the match that was held at the Liverpool enclosure, then the Reds managed to embarrass Juergen Klopp's squad trained with the end result an absolute four goals without reply. Coutinho was also be a central player because in addition to providing one-time assists on Steven Gerrard, he also gave a single goal.


agen sbobet terbaik - Rodgers said as reported by the official FIFA website some time ago that Coutinho is so talented as a player. The fans were also respects himself when dealing with Dortmund because of the level of opposition that he had. His ability was also great in the very strict conditions. He also escorted hard for opponents and help defense.


In addition, he has also added that he thinks the players need only add and pass on the achievement. He also had to make it in the big arena, and he will get that chance. He will show at the top level for Liverpool and also Brazil.


Indeed, after the departure of Luis Suarez at the Barcelona, each player in the Liverpool squad can no longer depended on a single player game only. They also must be able to demonstrate solid team game. Besides Coutinho, former coach of Swansea it was also praise for the new players who carried off from the Soton is Dejan Lovren, which he considered so great to oversee the defense team.


Rodgers was also added that Dejan Lovren has also played with perfect, he is the type of player he was looking after the retirement of Jamie Carragher, he is a central defender number one, who managed to read the game very well, and also with the excellent guidance from the back row. Visit to

Judi Online - Which There Is No Bargain Dani Alves

Posted by Angela on August 12, 2014 at 8:05 AM

Judi online - Which There Is No Bargain Dani Alves - An emphasis has been made ​​by Andoni Zubizarreta who is the President of Barcelona relates to the future of defender who comes from the Brazilian Dani Alves. He also has said that up to now there has been no offer from any party to sign Dani Alves out of the Camp Nou.


Not surprisingly, defender from Brazil was rumored to be away from the Barca.hal it because by the time he was in the last season at the Camp Nou, and there is still no formal offer given by the club to extend his contract.


Some top clubs such as Paris Saint-Germain, Inter Milan and Liverpool were also referred to as the club could be ready for the next port for the player if Barca had no longer want the services it provides. However, all the news that was also denied by the president of Barca. He also has said that up to now there is still no one bid was received by Barca for Dani Alves.


Andoni said as reported by Soccerway party some time ago that Dani Alves is still under contract with Barca. Thus it is not the time they talk about Alves. He also has datng back after the holidays and also very good exercise. They also do not have any information from the agent or also the kind of thing that a thing might happen.


In addition, he has also added that they are up to now does not have anything to offer to bring Dani Alves, and therefore they work with him as a player in their squad. The player also works very well.


In the same occasion, he had also been attacked by a journalist who wanted to know about the latest news about the issue that Barca want to bring the Fiorentina winger Juan Cuadrado.