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Agen Bola Terpercaya - Coutinho Praised By Rodgers

Posted by Angela on August 12, 2014 at 10:05 AM

Coutinho Praised By Rodgers - agen bola terpercaya. Philippe Coutinho who is one of the Liverpool players who came from Brazil to get sky-high praise from the coach Brendan Rodgers, because the game is very charming when undergoing a test match Borussia Dortmund dealing with some time ago. More news


In the match that was held at the Liverpool enclosure, then the Reds managed to embarrass Juergen Klopp's squad trained with the end result an absolute four goals without reply. Coutinho was also be a central player because in addition to providing one-time assists on Steven Gerrard, he also gave a single goal.


agen sbobet terbaik - Rodgers said as reported by the official FIFA website some time ago that Coutinho is so talented as a player. The fans were also respects himself when dealing with Dortmund because of the level of opposition that he had. His ability was also great in the very strict conditions. He also escorted hard for opponents and help defense.


In addition, he has also added that he thinks the players need only add and pass on the achievement. He also had to make it in the big arena, and he will get that chance. He will show at the top level for Liverpool and also Brazil.


Indeed, after the departure of Luis Suarez at the Barcelona, each player in the Liverpool squad can no longer depended on a single player game only. They also must be able to demonstrate solid team game. Besides Coutinho, former coach of Swansea it was also praise for the new players who carried off from the Soton is Dejan Lovren, which he considered so great to oversee the defense team.


Rodgers was also added that Dejan Lovren has also played with perfect, he is the type of player he was looking after the retirement of Jamie Carragher, he is a central defender number one, who managed to read the game very well, and also with the excellent guidance from the back row. Visit to