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Agen Judi Casino - La Pulga Following Kim Jong Un Hair Style

Posted by Angela on August 12, 2014 at 11:35 AM

Agen judi casino here. La Pulga Following Kim Jong Un Hair Style - Staring a new season that will come for sure there are so many things to be prepared, starting from the maximum stamina to mentally to be able to be the champion at the end of the coming season. In addition, the players must be concerned about the appearance was also going to pay attention to the new style is also so important in the later staring at the new season.

Lionel Messi (Wikipedia) is an example of the Barcelona star. The captain in the Argentine national team that was also seemed to pay attention to her appearance. He has cut his hair with a style that is quite interesting, it was shown in a training session on the first Barca last Thursday.

Haircut from the player itself was also so similar to the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un named. As has been reported by the some time ago, the player who has the nickname of La Pulga as it was imitating the hairstyle of the third Jong. Consequently intentions of the heart wanted to update his appearance, Messi hairstyle too crowded so it was a joke in the social media.

Online news portal which belong to South Korea that was also just compare the photo of Kim Jong Un with Lionel Messi, who has indeed been seen side by side. Not only up there alone, one nitizens was also there that has made a very unique photo edits, with the head of the body Messi Kim Jong Un who was giving a speech.

Moreover, in one of the Nitizens else has to make a small voting in order to know spends that looks much more handsome with a hairstyle like that. All it had also been carried out because they considered that the hair style of Lionel Messi was very unattractive, because Kim Jong Un is the leader of the South Korean enemy countries during this.